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 Bronkhorst is a European manufacturer of thermal mass flowmeters, controllers and pressure controllers with more than 38 years of experience. Focus on mass flowmeter and controller R & D and production. Bronkhorst has a wide range of products and is highly selective. It can provide targeted solutions for different application domains in different markets to meet the needs of customers. Bronkhorst meters can be used in laboratory, industrial and hazardous environments according to customer requirements. In addition, the company provides customized fluid control solutions to OEM system suites. The Bronkhorst Product Calibration Center is accredited by the Netherlands National Accreditation Council (RvA) with the registration number K127 and the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2500; The quality assurance system, calibration method and technical capability of its calibration laboratory all meet the ISO/IEC 17025:2500 standard. All Bronkhorst products are factory calibrated with higher precision equipment, which is accurate to meet national standards. Its calibration center has more than 30 years of calibration experience, specializing in gas mass flow and volume flow products calibration. Following certification in 2010, the calibration services available include flow regulation and calibration of all of Bronkhorst's existing and newly marketed mass flowmeters/controllers, with calibrations ranging from 0.7 mln/min to 6,200 ln/min. In addition, it can also provide gas flow calibration services for volumetric mass flowmeters or other brands of mass flowmeter/controller products.
Company: bronkhorst Type: Enterprise (Manufacturers)
Area: CHINA Size: 1-49人
Capital: 3700 ten thousand RMB Year of registration: 1948
Deposit: Paid 0.00
Mode: Manufacturers
Business: Bronkhorst Flowmeter,Bronkhorst controller,Bronkhorst control valve
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