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Bronkhorst Liquid Evaporation Control System VDM-Series
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Update date 2023-01-31 08:47
 Bronkhorst Liquid Evaporation Control System VDM-Series
CEM technology: Controlled evaporation mixing
The CEM System (Controlled Evaporation and Mixing) is a new type of liquid delivery system (LDS) that can be applied to atmospheric or vacuum processes. The evaporation system comprises (thermal or Coriolis) a liquid mass flow controller, a gas mass flow controller for carrier gas and a temperature-controlled mixed evaporation device. The system is suitable for mixing 1-1200 g/h liquids, producing saturated vapor flows of 50 mln/min up to 100 ln/min. The system can be used to replace bubblers. New applications of CEM systems: Mixtures can be evaporated and even solids dissolved in solvents can be successfully evaporated.
Precise control of the gas-liquid mixture
Fast response
High repeatability
The steam flow is very stable
Very steady steam flow
Flexible choice of vapor/liquid ratio
Operating temperature is lower than conventional system
PC/PLC (RS232/ Fieldbus) Optional
VDM-Series: steam conveying module
Bronkhorst responded to market demand by designing a new gas-liquid hybrid control system (VDM) based on CEM technology. The compact subsystem contains the components of the CEM as well as other components. In addition to the gas and liquid flow controller and the temperature-controlled evaporator, the VDM family also integrates power, display (1.8 "TFT) and control functions. In addition, the device offers local or remote tracking heating temperature control options. Compact "plug and play" modules can produce 100 mln/min to 10 ln/min (saturated) steam flow. It can be used in atmospheric or vacuum processes and can evaporate mixtures or even solids dissolved in solvents.