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Bronkhorst Industrial digital manometer IN-PRESS series
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Update date 2023-01-31 08:49
Bronkhorst Industrial Digital Manometer/Controller IN-PRESS
The In-Press family of products is a digital electronic manometer and controller for liquids and gases IN industrial environments. The line has a rugged industrial application (IP65) PC board and case, and is ATEX 3 certified, so it can be used in industrial environments even in ZONE2 hazardous zones. The meter series has a compact DC measuring style and uses thin-film piezoresistive sensors to measure and control pressure: The IN-PRESS controller is equipped with a comprehensive adaptive PID regulating circuit board that provides the appropriate signal to any electronic drive control valve for fast response and smooth control. The standard direct acting valve (F-001AI/F-011AI) is closed, its pressure handling range can be up to 100bar, its Kv value can be 6.6 x 10-6, normally open valve can be customized according to customer requirements. At the same time, this series of products also includes a suitable for large flow guide control valve (Kv 6.0!!) , high pressure (Vary-P) control valves with differential pressure of up to 400bar, and pressure compensation control valves with ultra-low pressure drop requirements. All of these control valve coils are IP65-protected.