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Bronkhorst Control Valve F-001 series
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Update date 2023-01-31 08:52
 Bronkhorst Control Valve F-001 series
Control valve
The control valve can be used as part of the mass flow controller and pressure controller or as a separate component. The control valve is a proportional solenoid valve with super fast and smooth flow control features. Bronkhorst has developed a unique series of different styles of control valves by referencing each specific domain application.
Direct action Valve (F-001, F-021 series)
This series of control valves includes a control module mounted internally or on the base module. The base module may include a separate F-001 control valve or a mass flow controller/pressure controller (up to approximately 50 ln/min N2 flow) with pressures up to 100bar. The control valve can also be used as a large control valve or pilot valve in a controller. F-021 is a high pressure application type direct control valve with pressure up to 200bar.