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Bronkhorst Gas Mass Flow Controller EL-FLOW series
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Update date 2023-01-31 08:53
 bronkhorst Gas Mass Flow Controller EL-FLOW base series
The EL-FLOW base family of mass flow controllers is a standard simple configuration meter. It is suitable for general gas flow measurement and control applications. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, fast response and stable control. EL-FLOW base is an economical solution for installation in (OEM) systems such as coating or welding applications.
The meter operates on the principle of thermal mass flow measurement and ranges from 0.2... 10 mln/min to 4... 200 ln/min equivalent air. I/O signals are standard as well as digital RS232 communications and/or Modbus-RTU options. EL-FLOW base is part of Bronkhorst's popular and time-tested EL-FLOW line.