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Bronkhorst Gas Mass flowmeter/Controller series
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Brand: Bronkhorst
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Update date 2023-01-31 08:54
 Bronkhorst Gas Mass Flowmeter/Controller
High accuracy (standard 0.5% Rd + 0.1% FS)
The large range ratio in digital mode is up to 1:187.5
Responsive (as low as 200 msec), good repetition performance
Optional 'Multi-gas/Multi-range' : flow range and gas type can be programmed freely
Pressure, etc. 64/100bar (optional multi-media/multi-range function below 10bar)
High voltage version is optional
Analog I/O- signal, RS232- connection; Optional onboard bus interface
All surfaces have been electrochemically polished
Compact, modular structure
Optional metal seal and/or upper and lower connection structure